interested in an up2us endorsement?

Please read below and proceed to the application if you’re ready.

up2us seeks to ensure equality for everyone and protection of our rights and resources.

In order to be eligible for an endorsement from Up2Us, candidates must:

    • Be an active member of up2us ( to join - donations, email subscription, meeting attendance and participation in Facebook groups are considered active.)

    • Be formally announced as a candidate OR be officially on the ballot for a November 2019 election.

    • Submit to a basic background check. 

    • Complete the application process.

    • Be willing to participate in a 30 minute interview with the Up2Us Endorsement Committee or Board

If a candidate meets these criteria, we will consider them for an endorsement.  Once applications have been reviewed, each candidate will be notified of the endorsement. Candidates can expect to hear back within 30 days of submission.