Up2Us urges you to Vote "No" on the Prop 1 on NY Constitutional Convention


Vote No!

A New York Constitutional Convention (ConCon) will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and history shows that the people will not actually control the ConCon and outcomes, politicians and lobbyists will. Past conventions have been riddled with rigged agendas and political patronage. Despite the assertions to the contrary, a ConCon is NOT the only way to amend the constitution. The public referendum process has successfully amended the constitution more than 200 times. In fact, the constitution has been amended seven times in the last few years using this process, which included the voters approving casino gambling. Given that more than 70% of New Yorkers aren’t even aware of the vote, there does not appear to be a pressing public concern justifying it. It is a waste of time and money to conduct a Constitutional Convention and there is only risk of politicians eviscerating rights and protections that working families in New York count on.

On November 7 flip your ballot over and Vote NO on the ConCon!

A list of resources for additional information on a New York Constitutional Convention is listed here:

Huffington Post



New York ConCon Info

Up2us proudly announces the following endorsements of candidates for westchester county legislator in their respective districts

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses the following candidates for Westchester County Legislator (listed in order of district).

  • Elect Nancy Vann for County Legislator (1st)
  • Elect Kitley Covill for County Legislator (2nd)
  • Elect Daren Tolz for County Legislator (3rd)
  • Re-elect Michael Kaplowitz for County Legislator (4th)
  • Re-elect Ben Boykin for County Legislator (5th)
  • Elect Nancy Barr for County Legislator (6th)
  • Re-elect Catherine Parker for County Legislator (7th)
  • Re-elect Alfreda Williams for County Legislator (8th)
  • Re-elect Catherine Borgia for County Legislator (9th)
  • Elect Damon Maher for County Legislator (10th)
  • Re-elect MaryJane Shimsky for County Legislator (12th)
  • Re-elect Lyndon Williams for County Legislator (13th)
  • Elect Gwen Dean for County Legislator (14th)
  • Elect Ruth Walter for County Legislator (15th)
  • Elect Chris Johnson for County Legislator (16th)
  • Re-elect Virginia Perez for County Legislator (17th)

Up2Us Endorses Incumbent Candidate for Westchester County Clerk

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses incumbent Tim Idoni Democratic Candidate for Westchester County Clerk.

His continued commitment to making the office more efficient, more effective, and more responsive makes him the clear choice for Westchester.

Up2Us Endorses Candidates for Westchester County Legislator

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses the following Democratic Candidates for Westchester County Legislator.

District 2:  Kitley Covill Kitley has spent her career protecting families and espouses the same fiscally responsible and social caring values as Up2Us.

District 3:  Daren Tolz is a teacher, focused on budgetary responsibility and government transparency and is aligned with Up2Us vision and values.

Their commitment to equality, fairness and opportunity for all makes them the clear choices in their respective districts.

Volunteer in the Latimer for Westchester Mt. Kisco Office!

In addition to phone bankers and canvassers, we are in need of volunteers to help us run an efficient and organized campaign office in Mt. Kisco.


Please Join us for an Office Volunteer Launch Party at our Northern Westchester HQ

Thursday October 5
at 6:30pm
105 Smith Avenue
Mount Kisco, NY

Ready to join the team now?

Please call 914-242-1053
or email Up2Us Board Member, Iris Lachaud irislachaud24@gmail.com

Campaign Office Positions

Canvass Captains
Assemble canvass packets.

Phone Bank Captains
Assemble call lists and scripts, manage lists and info sheets for callers.

Data Captains
In charge of data entry in VAN. Responsible for training and assigning other volunteers for data entry.

Office Managers
Sign in volunteers as they arrive, maintain the office environment.

Events Coordinator
In charge of supporting campaign by researching specific local events and issues.

Volunteer Coordinator
Recruit, confirm, and deploy volunteers for canvassing, phone banking and event support.

Yard Sign Coordinator
Track and place yard signs in high
traffic areas and as requested by campaign supporters.

Social Media Captain
Post about campaign activities through campaign-provided social media sources.

Comfort Captains
Ensure the campaign office is stocked with snacks, food & drinks.

Phone and Canvass Opportunities

Phone Banker
You can help us call local democrats and remind them how important their vote is right now.  


Sign Up here to Phone Bank with Up2Us

Sign Up here to Phone Bank at the Mt. Kisco Office

You can help canvass and meet some of our neighbors.  Don't worry, we won't ask you to knock on the door of anyone we think isn't supportive our values!

Contact Us to Learn More About Canvass Opportunities

Do you want to help, but just aren't sure what's right for you?
Send us an email!  We'll make sure we find you something that's just right for you!

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