help turn the Connecticut Senate Blue!

TOMORROW!!!!  On Tuesday February 28, CT will hold a special election.  In nearby district 32, we can help get out the vote and help turn the CT State Senate Blue!

Learn more at Greg Cava's Webpage and sign up to Volunteer!

From The Daily Kos:


Prior to the November 2016 election Democrats enjoyed a 21-15 majority in the State Senate. Republicans gained 3 seats to tie the chamber at 18-18. Two vacancies arose since the election, one Democrat, and one Republican seat. Whoever wins these races could determine which party controls the chamber.

Special elections are notorious for their remarkably low turnout and low turnout elections all tend to favor the Republican on the ballot. We must engage in these races to drive turnout as much as possible. And there is little time. Below are the Democratic candidates that need your support. If you are in the New England states these races I am certain could use your help.

Senate District 32 was formerly a Republican seat and House District 115 poses the hardest seat to win of the 3 (according to a local kossak). I am sure they can all use help though.

I believe there is public financing for these state races in Connecticut.