URGENT: Calls to make on the Senate Healthcare Bill

The current version of the Senate Trumpcare bill is OUT. Stay tuned for analysis. Washington Post obtained a draft yesterday, and the bill is in multiple respects EVEN WORSE than the House bill, especially for people with preexisting conditions, seniors, low-income people, and women. Check out our post from yesterday for further information. 

Remember, this is likely not the final bill, which McConnell wants to wait until the last moment to produce. 

It's time to show up, speak out, and RESIST this bill like you never have before to save healthcare for millions of Americans. Lives are on the line. WHETHER YOUR REPS ARE DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS, CALL, FAX, PROTEST, minimally once a day. FLOOD YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS WITH INFORMATION to get out the truth about this draconian bill and McConnell's antidemocratic process to ram this bill through secretively. 

THERE IS NOTHING AS IMPORTANT AS HEALTHCARE OVER THE NEXT WEEK. At least 90% of everything you share on social media should have to do with healthcare.

Dean Heller
Susan Collins
Lisa Murkowski
Shelley Moore Capito
Cory Gardner
Jeff Flake
Rob Portman
Ted Cruz
Rand Paul
Mike Lee
Ben Sasse
to call, fax, protest, do everything you can to stop this atrocity of a bill. 

It's go time. Time to step up to the challenge. Stand together for (literally) "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Live the aspirations upon which our country was founded. 

SCRIPTS to tailor for calls and faxes (text "resist" to 50409):

1) Demand that they vote no on Trumpcare, which will cause widespread loss of life, health, and livelihoods, as well as its upend a sixth of our economy. 
2) Demand that they vote no on any bill that results in any people losing coverage, that ends any protections whatsoever for people with preexisting conditions, and/or that cuts Medicaid in any way, shape, or form. 
3) Remind them that if they support any such bill, you will vote them out of office. 
4) Demand that they hold public/open hearings for any bill related to healthcare, including Trumpcare. Demand that they show the American people the bill with sufficient time to read, understand, and comment on it. Remind them that their refusal to do so is nothing less than cowardice, cruelty, and undemocratic. 

1) Thank them for standing strong against Trumpcare. 
2) Urge them to withhold consent and filibuster whenever possible to slow the Senate down. The longer we can draw this process out, the more attention we can draw to the travesty that is Trumpcare, and the less chance it has of passing. 
3) Exhort them to use every opportunity to emphasize how horrific Trumpcare is and make their Republican colleagues feel the full force of their intention to strip healthcare from millions of people. 
4) Urge them to filibuster by amendment during the vote-a-rama process. You can write your own amendment that Indivisible will deliver to them here: 


Most important Senators to influence as of NOW.

Most important Senators to influence as of NOW.