An important update from the Up2Us Board of Directors

Dear Up2Us Members,
As we celebrate another year of community, engagement and action with you, the 4,000+ members of Up2Us, we are excited to update you on the evolution of our operations and focus as we enter the third year of our organization.
The Board of Directors
The work of Up2Us continues undiminished and energized under the direction of the following founding Board members: Randee Glazer, Francesca Hagadus, Iris Lachaud, Kelly Leonard, Jason Lichtenthal, Kristin Lore, Holly McCall, Lori Morton, Beth Sauerhaft and Marie Short, with Julie Gaughran, Of Counsel.
Our Mission
We have simplified our mission and vision.

MissionUp2Us will support and elect Democrats in every race from the local level to the federal level by educating, organizing and getting out the vote.

VisionUp2Us seeks to ensure equality for everyone and protection of our rights and resources.

And, adapting to the ever-changing political landscape, we have found that we are best served refining and refocusing our efforts around the following themes: 

  • Informing and educating our membership on critical issues,
  • Voter registration and engagement (GOTV),
  • Progressive, pro-choice Democratic campaign support
  • Collaboration with partner organizations.

Our website and email communications continue to expand, as we continue to engage and support our robust Facebook community.  We encourage every member to bookmark our website at, join our action page which has become the central place for sharing our actions and activities, at and signup for our monthly newsletters at

Thank you for joining us in marches, rallies and social media training. Our next major event will be a Town Hall on February 11th at the Millwood firehouse on County Government 101, led by Legislator MaryJane Shimsky to help us better target our work with the County government.  Register now to join us!
For more information, contact us at

Onward, upward, together, stronger and committed…It’s Up2Us!
The Up2Us Board of Directors