New Yorkers: Ask Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to hold a Town Hall in NYC!

Neither Senator Schumer nor Senator Gillibrand have held a town hall in New York City since the election, but we know they have been working hard on behalf of New Yorkers and all Americans.

With so much under attack - immigrants, healthcare, public schools, the environment, civil and voting rights, FACTs and even our Democracy - we want to meet with (and hear from) our elected officials more than ever.

Up2Us is working with nine NY Metro area Indivisible groups to encourage both Senators to host an event during the Senate recess next week.

Join us in calling our Senators on Wednesday, May 24th.

Senator Schumer:

D.C.:  (202) 224-6542      

NYC: (212) 486-4430        

Binghamton: (607) 772-6792  

Buffalo: (716) 846-4111      

Peekskill: (914) 743-1532        

Syracuse: (315) 423-5471

Rochester: (585) 263-5866

Melville: (631) 753-0978

Albany: (518) 431-4070


Senator Gillibrand:

D.C.: (202) 224-4451        

NYC: (212) 688-6262

Syracuse: (315) 448-0470   

Rochester: (585) 263-6250

Buffalo: (716) 854-9725     

Albany: (518) 431-0120  

LI:  (631) 249-2825            

Hudson Valley: (212) 688-6262


Below is a suggested Script:

Hi, my name is…        and I’m a constituent from…       I’m calling  to ask the Senator to host a town hall in NYC during the upcoming Senate recess.

Will the Senator be holding any public events in NYC during the next recess?

If no:   Why not?

I believe that now, more than ever, it is essential for elected officials to hear directly from constituents in order to know what to prioritize back in DC. If not during this recess, when will the Senator hold a town hall in NYC?