To Do

January 22 - What to do today

1. Fill out our survey and get on our email list. We need to know your interests and abilities 
2. Sign up for the move on/Indivisible emergency call at 8 tonight. I will post link in comments below.  
3. Watch the Sunday news shows esp keeping an eye out for Dem leaders and resistance organizers who will give important road maps. If you're in the politics game, I've learned, you watch these shows carefully. 
4. Call today about Sessions and DeVos. Messages on machines are fine. See Facebook for numbers and names.
5. Sign up for Indivisible, move on, and follow your local League of Women Voters and Dem local, county and state organizations. In chappaqua, that's New Castle Democratic CommitteeWestchester County Democratic Committee and New York State Democratic Party.  League of Women Voters of New Castle League of Women Voters of Westchester League of Women Voters of the U.S.