Up2Us endorses Andrea Stewart-Cousins in NYSD-35

On behalf of our membership, the Up2Us Board of Directors is proud to announce our endorsement of Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Senator Stewart-Cousins was elected by her Democratic colleagues to serve as the leader of the Senate Democratic Conference -the first woman in the history of New York to hold a legislative leadership position.

We know that Senator Stewart-Cousins is a true advocate for the values on which Up2Us was founded.  She has demonstrated her commitment to public education with increases of State funding.  She has supported   workers by fighting for raising the minimum wage, cutting middle class income taxes, ensuring access to quality affordable health care and creating thousands of jobs in Westchester through the Regional Economic Development Councils.  She strongly protects women’s health care and reproductive rights, supports safer communities with the toughest gun control laws in the nation and combatting climate change through support of the state’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Up2Us was honored to host Senator Stewart-Cousins as a featured speaker at the second meeting of our organization. She also campaigns tirelessly for Up2Us endorsed candidates including George Latimer and Shelley Mayer.

She has done all this - and more - which is why Up2Us is proud to endorse Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and we encourage every Democrat in the 35th District to vote for her on Thursday, September 13.

Up2Us Steps Up!

For the past three years, Up2Us has driven political action to support Democrats across NY and the USA. We have petitioned, trained, canvassed, registered voters, phone-banked and staffed several campaign offices.

But we have done more than that. We have stepped up.

In 2017, three of our members-- Kristen Browde, Gail Markels and Ivy Pool, ran for the Town of New Castle Town Board, resulting in a gain of one seat.

In May of 2018 , our Executive Director, Holly McCall, ran successfully for the Board of Education in the Chappaqua School District.

One of our founding Board Members, Francesca Hagadus is currently running for Town Council in the Town of Mt. Pleasant, NY.

We are enormously proud of these members who have had the courage to put their names on ballots.

We are equally proud when candidates and electeds join.

If there are any other of our over 4000 members who are running or considering a run for office, please shout out below!

It’s Up2Us!

Grassroots Groups across New York call on Senator Schumer to Unite Democrats in Blocking Trump’s Nominee to Replace Justice Kennedy

up2us avenir_url2.jpg


June 27, 2018

NEW YORK — Today , a coalition of Indivisible and grassroots groups issued the following statement:

“This week we witnessed irreparable damage done to our communities by an extremist Supreme Court that upheld the discriminatory Muslim Ban, ruled in favor of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, supported states’ voter suppression tactics and dealt a massive blow to public sector unions and their members’ livelihoods.

“We cannot afford another lifetime appointment of a conservative zealot to the Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court should be focused on upholding the law, not tearing it down to benefit corporations and bigots. With the unprecedented corruption, dishonesty, and intolerance displayed by the Trump administration, Democrats must stand united in opposing ANY judge put forth by President Trump until after the 2018 midterm elections.

“Senator Schumer, our fundamental civil rights are at stake. You have our support to do everything in your power to unite Democrats to keep this seat empty —for as long as necessary.”


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