From FreetheChildrenCoalition--Important Message

Due to concerns about the safety and well being of the children being detained in the ICE facilities we will NOT take any action directed at the facilities. We understand the desire to meet there, to protest there and to shut it down, but we strongly urge folks to not do that. Experts in law and child welfare with knowledge of the SKP facilities have advised this plan of action. The children are already being victimized. We don’t want to add further pain to their ordeal by 1. Scaring them or 2. Forcing the removal of the children to detention centers that are less safe and do not properly care for them like Federal Detention Centers or Tent Internment Camps. Please inform friends and spread this message.

Find an Event Near You 

However, there are local events to participate in:

6/19 - Union Square Park - 6:00pm
Stop Ripping Families Apart! Trump/Pence Must Go

6/20 - Sleepy Hollow - 5:00am
Farewell of the Caravan: Solidarity, Hope and Freedom

6/20 - Tarrytown - 7:30pm
Rivertowns March for Refugee Families

6/30 - White Plains - 10:00am
Keep Our Families Together March: Hudson Valley

6/30 - NYC - multiple events/times

Families Belong Together

6/30 - Washington, DC - 11:00am