Family Separation

UPDATED TIME: Families Belong Together: Hudson Valley

There has been a change in time for the June 30th event.  Please note the correct time is 1pm.


Stand Up, Fight Back

On June 30, 2018, people all over the United States will stand up and say to the Trump Administration, “Stop The Cruelty Now!” in a nationwide protest proclaiming Families Belong Together. We invite people in the Hudson Valley to be part of that protest at the Federal Courthouse in White Plains. 300 Quarropas St, White Plains, NY 10601

The Trump administration has committed itself to an anti-immigrant agenda, systematically criminalizing immigration and immigrants, ending Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals (DACA) leaving youth and their families in crisis, using intimidation tactics by ICE to terrorize the undocumented members of our communities. The Trump administration has also left hundreds of thousands of Temporary Protected Statues (TPS) holders in a state of uncertainty.

Pablo Villavicencio, who was taken by ICE officials when he delivered a pizza to the Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn on June 1 is a clear example of the Trump Administration's on-going desire to tear apart immigrant families. This man's wife and children are all US citizens and in February, he had begun the process of gaining his "Green Card" residency status. He is not a danger to anyone. This case shows the immediate need for Congress to take action and stop these attacks on our communities -- and especially to defund and abolish ICE!

Immigrant workers are being targeted by both ICE and some local police departments. They are exploited in their jobs, and separated from their children and love ones. They live in constant fear that ICE can take them away when they are at homes at their job or just walking on the street, and move them anywhere at any time, day or night. And their children live in constant fear that their parents will be taken away. This is no way to live!

At the US southern border, children are being ripped away and separated from their parents while corporations, private prisons and jails are profiting off detention centers and the deportation process. New centers are being created in every state and county. Children of all ages are being kept in inhumane conditions and their conditions medical and physiological conditions remain unknown while divided from their families and warehoused in detention centers throughout the country – including here in Westchester.

More than ever, we need to be loud and clear: Join immigrant workers, families and DACA youth and TPS holders from across the Hudson Valley as we say NO to deportation, NO to separating families at the border and in our communities, NO to detention centers. Let’s say YES to a clean Dream Act, YES to a sane immigration policy and YES to treating the undocumented with respect. And let’s abolish ICE now!

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From FreetheChildrenCoalition--Important Message

Due to concerns about the safety and well being of the children being detained in the ICE facilities we will NOT take any action directed at the facilities. We understand the desire to meet there, to protest there and to shut it down, but we strongly urge folks to not do that. Experts in law and child welfare with knowledge of the SKP facilities have advised this plan of action. The children are already being victimized. We don’t want to add further pain to their ordeal by 1. Scaring them or 2. Forcing the removal of the children to detention centers that are less safe and do not properly care for them like Federal Detention Centers or Tent Internment Camps. Please inform friends and spread this message.

Find an Event Near You 

However, there are local events to participate in:

6/19 - Union Square Park - 6:00pm
Stop Ripping Families Apart! Trump/Pence Must Go

6/20 - Sleepy Hollow - 5:00am
Farewell of the Caravan: Solidarity, Hope and Freedom

6/20 - Tarrytown - 7:30pm
Rivertowns March for Refugee Families

6/30 - White Plains - 10:00am
Keep Our Families Together March: Hudson Valley

6/30 - NYC - multiple events/times

Families Belong Together

6/30 - Washington, DC - 11:00am