Grassroots Groups across New York call on Senator Schumer to Unite Democrats in Blocking Trump’s Nominee to Replace Justice Kennedy

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June 27, 2018

NEW YORK — Today , a coalition of Indivisible and grassroots groups issued the following statement:

“This week we witnessed irreparable damage done to our communities by an extremist Supreme Court that upheld the discriminatory Muslim Ban, ruled in favor of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, supported states’ voter suppression tactics and dealt a massive blow to public sector unions and their members’ livelihoods.

“We cannot afford another lifetime appointment of a conservative zealot to the Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court should be focused on upholding the law, not tearing it down to benefit corporations and bigots. With the unprecedented corruption, dishonesty, and intolerance displayed by the Trump administration, Democrats must stand united in opposing ANY judge put forth by President Trump until after the 2018 midterm elections.

“Senator Schumer, our fundamental civil rights are at stake. You have our support to do everything in your power to unite Democrats to keep this seat empty —for as long as necessary.”


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January 22 ACTION - Join the Emergency Call Tonight!

Ready to Fight: Emergency Call with, Indivisible, and Working Families Party


Donald Trump is President. So what now? We’re co-hosting a national call for local organizers TONIGHT at 8 pm ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT) to go over next steps for local group leaders and organizers. We’ll talk through the game plan for a national day of action Tuesday, January 24th, with local actions you can take to ensure your own Members of Congress start resisting Trump’s agenda in his first week on the job. We’ll also take in questions and provide guidance in real time. RSVP now to make sure you can be there. 

This first week is the time to send a powerful in-person message to your members of Congress. This week, Trump will be asking Congress confirm nominees for his cabinet of corrupt, racist plutocrats. To a person, they are dedicated to undermining the agencies they seek to lead.

These cabinet nominations are a test. Trump’s lackeys in Congress are hoping that Americans aren’t paying attention. They’re about to find out how wrong they are. From day one, we’re not giving an inch.

(This call is hosted by Indivisible, and Working Families Party.  up2us supports their work and encourages our members to join this call and subscribe to updates.)