Up2Us endorses Andrea Stewart-Cousins in NYSD-35



On behalf of our membership, the Up2Us Board of Directors is proud to announce our endorsement of Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Senator Stewart-Cousins was elected by her Democratic colleagues to serve as the leader of the Senate Democratic Conference -the first woman in the history of New York to hold a legislative leadership position.

We know that Senator Stewart-Cousins is a true advocate for the values on which Up2Us was founded.  She has demonstrated her commitment to public education with increases of State funding.  She has supported   workers by fighting for raising the minimum wage, cutting middle class income taxes, ensuring access to quality affordable health care and creating thousands of jobs in Westchester through the Regional Economic Development Councils.  She strongly protects women’s health care and reproductive rights, supports safer communities with the toughest gun control laws in the nation and combatting climate change through support of the state’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Up2Us was honored to host Senator Stewart-Cousins as a featured speaker at the second meeting of our organization. She also campaigns tirelessly for Up2Us endorsed candidates including George Latimer and Shelley Mayer.

She has done all this - and more - which is why Up2Us is proud to endorse Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and we encourage every Democrat in the 35th District to vote for her on Thursday, September 13.

Up2Us Endorses Shelley Mayer for NY State Senate

Up2Us stands for core Democratic values and is proud that Shelley Mayer stands with us. Shelley has been a demonstrated leader in the New York State Assembly and will continue to represent Westchester County values in Albany as a New York State Senator. She is committed towards moving New York forward in the same direction as Up2Us, and will fight for working families, human rights, gun safety, women’s reproductive rights and protecting our resources in the face of climate change. We are proud to endorse Shelley Mayer for New York State Senate on April 24th.

Visit www.shelley4senate.com for more information about Shelley!

Up2us proudly announces the following endorsements of candidates for westchester county legislator in their respective districts

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses the following candidates for Westchester County Legislator (listed in order of district).

  • Elect Nancy Vann for County Legislator (1st)
  • Elect Kitley Covill for County Legislator (2nd)
  • Elect Daren Tolz for County Legislator (3rd)
  • Re-elect Michael Kaplowitz for County Legislator (4th)
  • Re-elect Ben Boykin for County Legislator (5th)
  • Elect Nancy Barr for County Legislator (6th)
  • Re-elect Catherine Parker for County Legislator (7th)
  • Re-elect Alfreda Williams for County Legislator (8th)
  • Re-elect Catherine Borgia for County Legislator (9th)
  • Elect Damon Maher for County Legislator (10th)
  • Re-elect MaryJane Shimsky for County Legislator (12th)
  • Re-elect Lyndon Williams for County Legislator (13th)
  • Elect Gwen Dean for County Legislator (14th)
  • Elect Ruth Walter for County Legislator (15th)
  • Elect Chris Johnson for County Legislator (16th)
  • Re-elect Virginia Perez for County Legislator (17th)

Up2Us Endorses Incumbent Candidate for Westchester County Clerk

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses incumbent Tim Idoni Democratic Candidate for Westchester County Clerk.

His continued commitment to making the office more efficient, more effective, and more responsive makes him the clear choice for Westchester.

Up2Us Endorses Candidates for Westchester County Legislator

Up2Us envisions an America where individuals are represented fairly and treated with kindness and respect. Therefore, Up2Us proudly endorses the following Democratic Candidates for Westchester County Legislator.

District 2:  Kitley Covill Kitley has spent her career protecting families and espouses the same fiscally responsible and social caring values as Up2Us.

District 3:  Daren Tolz is a teacher, focused on budgetary responsibility and government transparency and is aligned with Up2Us vision and values.

Their commitment to equality, fairness and opportunity for all makes them the clear choices in their respective districts.

Up2Us Endorses "Stronger New Castle" Democratic Slate

One of the fundamental goals of Up2Us is to support progressive Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. We are proud to endorse the Stronger New Castle slate for supervisor and board members for the town of New Castle. Many of us have been gathering signatures for Kristen Browde, Gail Markels, and Ivy Pool, as the signatures of registered Democrats are required in order to get them on the ballot in November. We are looking to activate the power of the Up2Us membership to get out the vote for both a primary (if a primary does occur) and the general election. In addition to their alignment with our core values, we are particularly impressed by their public policy credentials, government experience, management skills, municipal project management, environmental sensitivity, and fiscal responsibility. We love their passion for New Castle and their vision for its future. Above all, we welcome their understanding that the cornerstone of public service is respect for constituents, collaboration, and transparency. We all want our communities to be inclusive and embracing, and this slate is dedicated to those ideals. It is Up2Us to make our communities stronger by doing everything we can to elect progressive candidates like the Stronger New Castle slate.

For more information about the candidates and their slate, go to: http://www.strongernewcastle.com