Up2Us Steps Up!

For the past three years, Up2Us has driven political action to support Democrats across NY and the USA. We have petitioned, trained, canvassed, registered voters, phone-banked and staffed several campaign offices.

But we have done more than that. We have stepped up.

In 2017, three of our members-- Kristen Browde, Gail Markels and Ivy Pool, ran for the Town of New Castle Town Board, resulting in a gain of one seat.

In May of 2018 , our Executive Director, Holly McCall, ran successfully for the Board of Education in the Chappaqua School District.

One of our founding Board Members, Francesca Hagadus is currently running for Town Council in the Town of Mt. Pleasant, NY.

We are enormously proud of these members who have had the courage to put their names on ballots.

We are equally proud when candidates and electeds join.

If there are any other of our over 4000 members who are running or considering a run for office, please shout out below!

It’s Up2Us!

Up2Us Endorses "Stronger New Castle" Democratic Slate

One of the fundamental goals of Up2Us is to support progressive Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. We are proud to endorse the Stronger New Castle slate for supervisor and board members for the town of New Castle. Many of us have been gathering signatures for Kristen Browde, Gail Markels, and Ivy Pool, as the signatures of registered Democrats are required in order to get them on the ballot in November. We are looking to activate the power of the Up2Us membership to get out the vote for both a primary (if a primary does occur) and the general election. In addition to their alignment with our core values, we are particularly impressed by their public policy credentials, government experience, management skills, municipal project management, environmental sensitivity, and fiscal responsibility. We love their passion for New Castle and their vision for its future. Above all, we welcome their understanding that the cornerstone of public service is respect for constituents, collaboration, and transparency. We all want our communities to be inclusive and embracing, and this slate is dedicated to those ideals. It is Up2Us to make our communities stronger by doing everything we can to elect progressive candidates like the Stronger New Castle slate.

For more information about the candidates and their slate, go to: